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Parent & Infant experience

This class is taught by one Instructor in a small class setting.

Work one on one with our specialized helpful instructor to learn how to assist and teach your baby. Enjoy bonding in a class setting with your child and learn how to advance your baby’s progress with survival swimming skills, songs, and games. 


Classes are 30 min. once a week. Lessons are ongoing until we receive a written 30 day cancellation email. Specified holidays and pool closures are prorated. More than one class a week may be available based on our availability.


*Diaper Policy: Under 3 years of age: must wear two diapers sized to fit child's weight and age.

1.) a disposable swim diaper and 2.) an approved reusable (machine washable) swim diaper (even if potty trained). 

* A minimum fee of $350 will be charged if a fecal incident occurs in a pool shut down.


Call or email us for more information and sign up. We have multiple class times this is offered.

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