Our Ohana levels are created to define where students swim abilities are currently while providing future

goals to progress. We start learning and inspiring their confidence, best match students together, while allowing teachers to challenge and help kids move on to the next level. Instructors create specific lesson plans based on the level and age students are. 


Student & Parent/Teacher
Intro to Aquatic Environments

4 months - 3 years

Intro to Trusting the Water


Holding On to the Wall

Crab Crawl

Eyes in Water

Ears in water

Intro to Back Float

Kicking on Front/Back

Songs & Games

Assisted Jumping into Pool

Intro to Scoops

* Guardian Participation Required in Pool


Student/Teacher Ratio 3:1 
Apprehensive Beginner Level 1

Confidence Building

Intro to Buoyancy

Breath Control - Bubbles

Crab Crawl on wall

Body Position - Float (assisted)

Leg Focus - Flutter Kick

Eyes, Ears & Face in Water

Back Float (assisted)

Seated jump into pool

Streamline glide (assisted)

Intro to Scoops

Get a Object Underwater
* All Skills Done with Assistance


Student/Teacher Ratio 3:1 Comfortable Beginner Level 2

Water Safety 

Breath Control, Bubbles - mouth & nose

Intro to Bobs

Body Position

Float (Front/Back)

Streamline Glide

Leg Movement Focus

Flutter Kick (assisted)

Confidence in Different Depths

Big Arms Intro

Jump Into Pool (assisted)

Exit deep end using ladder

"Deep Sea Diving”

Solo Swim (assisted)


Student/Teacher Ratio 3:1
Survival Swimming Practice

Level 3
Breath Control, Body Control, Body Roll, Water Safety

5 Bobs

Off the Wall Streamline Glide

Freestyle across width

Body Roll (front/back)

Elementary Backstroke

Flutter Kick on Back with Arm Skulls

Backstroke Arms with Kick

Jump Into Pool & Exit

Seated Dives Recover Float

Breaststroke Kick (front/back)

Beginner Treading (5 - 10 sec)

Intro to Side-Breathing

Optional Dolphin kick


Student/Teacher Ratio 3:1

Efficient Strokes Practice
Level 4

Simultaneous Arms and Legs

Swim Length of Pool

Push Off Bottom Bobs

Freestyle/Backstroke Length of Pool

Torpedo Kicks with Breath 
Perfected Side-Breath

Elementary Backstroke length of pool

Intermediate Treading (15 - 30 sec)

Breaststroke Kick

Intro to Breaststroke Arms and Breath

Knee Dive with Return

Optional Dolphin Kick


Student/Teacher Ratio 3:1
Endurance Strokes
Level 5 
Swim Length of the pool
Body position/Side Breathing

Freestyle Length of Pool with Side Breath

Backstroke Length of Pool

Breaststroke Kick Across Pool Width 2x's
Breaststroke Timing - Pull Breath Kick Glide

Dolphin Kick
Intro Butterfly Arms

Standing Dive

Touch Bottom of Deep End
Tread Water in Deep End (45 sec)

Back Start

Swim and Roll Front/Back Across Pool


Stroke Refinement/Endurance
Level 6 
Improving Technique (All Strokes)

Freestyle/Backstroke 2 laps
Proficient Breaststroke 1 lap
Advanced Freestyle
Advanced Backstroke
Proficient Butterfly 1 lap
Intro to Flipturn
Intro to Open Turns
Retrieve Object from Deep End
Advanced Standing Dives
Tread Water (3 min)


Advanced Swimming
Level 7
Swim Team Competence

Freestyle/Backstroke 4 laps
Breaststroke 4 laps
Butterfly 4 laps
Proficient IM (4 strokes 4 laps non-stop)
Underwater Pull for Breaststroke
Proficient Treading (5 - 10 min)
Flip Turns
Open Turns
Pike Dives
Rotary Kick (Egg Beater)
Intro to Race Start Dive


Competitive/Adv. Swimming
Level 8
Swim Team Competition Level

8 Laps Each Stroke
Advanced Butterfly, Back, Breast, Free
Standing Dives
Competitive Body Position
Perfect Flip Turn
Two Handed Open Turns
Race start Dives
Rotary Kick /Egg Beater (5 min)
Stroke Drills to Improve All 4 Strokes


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