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Ohana Aquatics Pool Policies

Our Pool is open as a heated outdoor/indoor facility based on the season.

Only confirmed preregistered swimmers can attend.

2024 Future Holidays: (Lessons are not billed on these dates)

*Future dates may be added, we will notify all families, students ahead of time.

Martin Luther King Day - Monday January 15

Presidents Day - Monday February 19

Spring Break - Pool Closed, Dome removed - Wednesday April 3 - Saturday April 6

Memorial Day - Monday May 27

July 4th Holiday - Thursday July 4, Friday July 5

Labor Day - Monday September 2

Thanksgiving Week - Pool Dome installed, (TBD)

Winter Break - Christmas/New Years Saturday, (TBD)


We follow Alameda Public Health Department, CDC pool guidelines, and Nor Cal Aquatic Directors for the latest health and safety precautions.

*ALL patrons must sign our waiver and practice our policies to attend our swim programs.

Masks are optional now per the CDC guidelines.

Please sanitize hands at the entrance

*If swimmer is sick, do not attend your lesson. If swimmer or close family experiences symptoms of Covid-19, do not attend your lesson.


We are all in this together and doing the best we can to protect and help our swim school and Ohana community. We kindly ask you read, agree to and follow all precautions necessary in order to create a fun, safe healthy space for everyone to enjoy.

Be Well, Be Healthy, Be Kind & Compassionate to yourself and All others!

Payment Policies​ - Updated & in Effect January 2, 2023!

When confirming lessons you agree to these policies as well as the signed waiver contract.

  • Credit Card payments are due by the 1st of each month, prior to swim lessons. 

  • Monthly fees are prorated for the number of lessons in the month; 3, 4 or 5 lessons. 4 lessons being the average. If there is a 5th day in the month you are billed for that lesson.

  • Family registration fee is $35 per student per year. This is for the initial sign up administrative fee.

  • The Annual $35 Registration (per student per year) is non-refundable, when signing up for lessons or are currently in lessons.

  • A $20 fee is charged for a declined direct debit/credit payment. 

  • Restart Fee of ($25 for swim lessons) ($20 for water aerobics) for restarting lessons/classes after cancelling out or upon return within the same year of registration.

  • A change booking fee of $25 is charged to move an existing booked lesson time to another day or time.

  • Lessons are not charged for Holiday pool closures.

  • A Make-up lesson is only scheduled if the pool is closed and we can not provide scheduled lessons.

Lesson Policies​

When confirming lessons, you agree to these policies.

  • One month written email cancellation is required to withdraw from lessons.

  • The month cancellation period to end lessons, ends on the day of your scheduled lesson(s). i.e. there are 4 classes left from the date you cancel. 

  • We have a no make-up policy or rescheduling lessons. If a lesson is missed it is forfeited.

  • Once confirmed a start date for lessons; No shows or missing the first lesson is non-refundable.

  • substitute teacher may be provided for the scheduled lesson if the regular teacher is out.

  • A lesson may be changed to a different teacher without notification, due to swimmers level, age, or if regular teacher is out for the day. If the lesson change requires a new lesson time, you will be notified.

  • Missed lessons: Please email if you or your child will be absent from a lesson.

  • With an emergency visit to the doctor and valid doctor note provided, we will work with you to schedule a make up lesson. (time restrictions may apply).

  • A lesson may be canceled if a teacher must be out last minute and there is no substitute teacher.

  • Late/Tardy: If child arrives late, the teacher will teach the remainder of the class. Lessons will not be extended.

  • If the pool is closed due to your child having a fecal incident a minimum fee of $450 will be charged upon notification to the family account. Please have children use the bathroom before the lesson begins.

  • Diaper Policy: Three Years and Younger or Any Child Not Fully Potty Trained - Two diapers must be worn. 1.) one disposable swim diaper 2.) & one approved non-disposable/washable swim diaper. If three years or older and If fully potty trained, no swim diapers are required. See below for pictures of approved swim diapers.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service at anytime.

  • Rules and fees are subject to change.


  • You should bring/use your own swim goggles as of June 2020. 3 years and up. TYR are good ones. 

  • Group classes start at 3 years and up. Aside from Baby & Me class with adult participation.

  • We use swim gear as teaching tools. Kick boards, fins, pull buoys, etc.

  • Swim Diapers can be found via Amazon, Target, Safeway, Walmart, etc. We have some onsite to buy.

  • Group, Semi-Private, and Private lessons are 30 min. long with an ave. 3-5 min. fun time at the end. (Shorter during Covid-19 to avoid cross traffic and social distancing).

  • Semi-Private lessons are priced per child for a group of two. You create the semi-private with a sibling or friend.

  • We offer adult swim lessons at this time, no water aerobics, no lap swimming.

  • The pool is not open to the public unless attending a confirmed class.

  • If it rains why not put up the dome? It takes 3 days to put up the dome and another 3 days to take it down.

  • Are you open if it rains? Yes. The pool is heated to 90/91 degrees. We will close if there is thunder and lightning.

  • During Covid-19 should teachers wear a mask or face shield while in the pool? According to direct conversations and advised by the Alameda Health Department, neither is safe or acceptable to wear in the pool. 

  • My child is sick, should I attend lessons? No. Please take precaution for all with any cold symptoms or specifically any Covid-19 symptoms. Do not attend your lesson if your child is sick. 

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