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Go Here to upload your current payment information:


User Name: Current Email with Ohana

Password: Create a new one

Check Family Contact Info.

Upload Visa or Mastercard payment for lesson

* The Visual Calendar day by day is opening to book classes online. Check back for the day/time/class level/age group you want. It may not be posted at this time.


Most private lessons are booked at this time. Check in with us for availability.

Thank you for your patience as we are rolling out a new software system!



We will not let students get in the pool without completing all of the following:

Step 1 - Read, Fill Out the Online Waiver

*You Can Not Enter the Pool without agreeing to the Waiver, Payment & Pool Policies. Please understand our program prior to signing up 
Click button > See REQUIRED POLICIES section.

Step 3 - Login to Family Account or Create New


*Previously Had Lessons with Ohana?

Return Students

Log into Family Account. We have already created one for you. Reset the password which will be your first and new password.


**First Time Registration > Create a Family Account.

   JANUARY 2, 2023 the new student registration will be open!



Step 2 - Pick the Correct Level & Age Group!

* Be cautious! If student is in too advanced of a class it is a safety
  issue and not a good experience for all swimmers.
  Student will be removed from the lesson if it's not a fit.
* Parents Do Not Book Yourself as the Student. Only book    
  your child.
* Book the Student in the Correct Age Group / Class Level.
  i.e. (SeaStar Age 3-4)
  Do Not Book a Student in the Wrong Age Range!
  You will be removed from the class.



Once you've completed All the above you can book a lesson online.

Log into the parent portal to find a class. If there is no option, it is fully booked. Check back to find the best option as we daily have changes.

We Look Forward to seeing you for Swim Lessons

            ~Thank you from our Ohana to yours ~

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