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2023 Water Aerobics Classes

Tuesday 1:00 - 2:00  &  Thursday 1:00 - 2:00 All Year Round

Monday 1:00 -2:00 (new class added) 

All classes are scheduled before attending. We do not offer drop in's.
Pre-Sign up online or via email. There is an annual $35 registration fee to sign up. Each class is $22. If you stop and restart your class within the year, each time, there is a $20 restart/admin. fee.

Step 1: Read, Fill Out the Online Water Aerobics Waiver
You Can Not Enter the Pool without the Waiver, Pool & Payment Policies. See REQUIRED POLICIES Section.

*** If you have Never been to our pool you will fill out a new participant account.
*** If you have been to our pool in the past for Water Aerobics we may have created an account for you.

Step 2 Login to Participant (Family) Account or Create New

*Previously Had Classes with Ohana?

Returning Participant

Log into Participant/Family Account with the same email you used with us in the past. We have already created one for you. Reset the Password which will Be Your First and New Password.




*First Time Registration > Create a new Participant/ Family Account




Inside this account portal is where you sign up for classes.

Looking to ease joint pain and stiff muscles? Improve balance, posture, flexibility, or strength?
Our Water Aerobics Fitness Classes are an in the water workout to increase flexibility, and strength in a non- weight bearing environment.

Book a fun filled cardio experience. The pool is heated to 90/91 degrees in the winter. We always have the water aerobics class music to inspire and pump you up.

We have new equipment for participants to borrow and learn what weights, noodle, aquatic belt is best for you. We encourage and ask you to buy your preferred water aerobics tools as we do not have enough of the different sizes and weights to accommodate everyone. Please do not take our equipment with you as your own!

Water Aerobics: Event
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