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Fun and Challenging



Summer Sessions are Monday - Friday 9:00am -12:00noon

Classes are 30 minutes in length. Sessions are listed below.

Each day and lesson time is a separate booking.


Each session is a short term of lessons which ends for the specific session dates. 

You must re-book your same lesson time/day if you want to continue from Session 1 to Session 2.

These short term Summer Sessions are designed to mix match days and be flexible with summer schedules.


Sign ups are session by session, first come first served. 

You can sign up for one or more lessons a few days a week. 

You must sign up separately for each session.

When sessions are only 2 weeks long, it is good to sign up for 2 days a week to get at least 4 lessons.

For example; sign up for a Mon & Wed or a Tues & Thurs.



 Click below to review our online level description (critical choose most accurate level!) 



 * It is a huge safety concern if you choose a higher level. Their lesson will be cut short.

Helpful tips:  If your child does not put eyes, ears, submerge their whole head comfortably in the water and blow bubbles - they are a Sea Star.  

If your child will submerge their whole head comfortably underwater and blow bubbles, they are a Jellyfish. 

More advanced levels refer to our: Level Explanation


When you sign up and confirm a lesson time, your credit card will be charged.

Be certain you choose the right age and level lesson! 

Each separate registration you sign up for, you will be auto-billed for.

The initial annual registration/sign up fee of $35 per student is non-refundable.


The first lesson, we assess the student, if they are not in the right level, due to safety reasons, we will have to end the lesson.

We may or may not be able to find another appropriate lesson time. 

There is a $25 fee to move a current scheduled lesson to a new day/time.

Please be sure to choose correctly.


 - Group lessons are $33 per student. 

 - Semi Private lessons are $50. per student. (limited availability) 

   You provide, match the 2 students. The age & level must be similar.

 - Private lessons are $66 per student. (limited availability)

Session Lessons are very term specific lessons, based on the day/time. 

Each day of the week must be signed up separately. Mix and match according to your summer schedule.

If you wish to take lessons multiple days, you must sign up separately for each day/time and each session,

it does not carry over once the session ends.

SUMMER 2024 Session Dates

Session 1 (Mon., June 3rd through Fri., June 14th) - 2 weeks

Session 2 (Mon., June 17th through Fri., June 28th) - 2 weeks

Session 3 (Mon., July 1st through Fri., July 19th) 3 weeks

(CLOSED Thurs., July 4th & Fri., July 5th) Lessons are not billed on these dates.


Session 4 (Mon., July 22nd through Aug. 9th) 3 weeks

If you already have a scheduled afternoon or Saturday lesson it is an ongoing lesson.

These Summer Sessions are an additional swim lesson option for those currently scheduled; And for those who don't have an ongoing lesson and want to sign up for swim lessons.


PLEASE NOTE:  These lessons are limited time and very specific once confirmed.

* Any no shows, changes or cancellations are billed.

* We have a no make up no reschedule policy.

* When lessons are missed they are forfeited.


Flexible Summer Lessons (see dates below)

Swim Team: Service
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