Parent Child Drop In Class 

Saturday 10:30am - 11:00am 

$15 per infant and guardian $5 for additional siblings (allowed if under 3.5 years old and is 1:1 with adult.

Age range accepted: 4 months to 3.5 years

* Pool Waiver must be signed to enter pool for Drop in

Drop in for the 30 min. parent child class taught in an open public setting.

Revolving instructors teach you how to assist your baby with water safety techniques.


Enjoy bonding in a large group setting with your child and learn how to advance your baby’s progress. We invite you to arrive early to change and prepare.

*Diaper Policy: Under 3 years of age: must wear two diapers sized to fit child's weight and age.

1.) a disposable swim diaper and 2.) an approved reusable (machine washable) swim diaper (even if potty trained). 

Even lessons with 4 years +if not potty trained, must also wear two diapers as described above.

A minimum fee of $250 will be charged if a fecal incident occurs in a pool shut down.

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