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SUMMER SESSIONS 2024 - Sign Up Now

Monday - Friday  Morning Sessions

These are designed for those planning vacation and need shorter-term water safety, refresher swim lessons.

Each Session is 2-3 weeks. They must be signed up for separately. They are not on-going.

* These lessons are in addition to the current ongoing lessons you take, if you are already signed up for and have a current swim lesson.



Session 1 (Mon., June 3rd through Fri., June 14th) - 2 weeks

Session 2 (Mon., June 17th through Fri., June 28th) - 2 weeks

Session 3 (Mon., July 1st through Fri., July 19th) 3 weeks

(CLOSED Thurs., July 4th & Fri., July 5th) Lessons are not billed on these dates.


Session 4 (Mon., July 22nd through Aug. 9th) 3 weeks

If you already have a scheduled afternoon or Saturday lesson it is an ongoing lesson.

These Summer Sessions are an additional swim lesson option for those currently scheduled; And for those who don't have an ongoing lesson and want to sign up for swim lessons.


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